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What To Do When Office Lights Are Too Bright?

what to do when office lights are too bright

What to do when office lights are too bright? Are you tired of squinting at your computer screen in your brightly-lit office? Are your eyes strained and your head throbbing from the constant glare? If you’re dealing with office lights that are too bright, you’re not alone. Excessively bright office lighting can negatively impact your productivity and overall well-being. In this blog post, we will provide practical solutions for both employees and employers to tackle the problem of overly bright office lights and create a more comfortable work environment.

What To Do When Office Lights Are Too Bright?

Adjust Your Workstation
If you find the lights in your office too bright, the first step is to assess your workstation. Ensure your computer screen is at the right angle and distance to reduce glare. Consider using an anti-glare screen protector to minimize reflections. Adjust your chair to maintain proper posture and reduce the strain on your eyes and neck.

Invest in Task Lighting
Task lighting provides focused illumination on a specific area, allowing you to control the brightness at your desk. Opt for an adjustable desk lamp with dimming capabilities to tailor the light intensity to your needs. Choose LED bulbs with a warm color temperature to reduce eye strain and create a soothing ambiance.

Request Light Adjustments
Talk to your employer or facility manager about your concerns with the office lighting. If possible, request adjustments to the lighting levels or the installation of dimmers. In some cases, it may be appropriate to replace overhead fluorescent lights with LED lights, which offer a more comfortable light spectrum and are more energy-efficient.

Make Use of Natural Light
If your office has windows, take advantage of natural light whenever possible. Move your desk closer to a window or adjust your blinds to allow for more sunlight. Natural light is less harsh on your eyes and can improve your mood and productivity.

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue light emitted by screens and artificial lighting can cause eye strain and disrupt your sleep cycle. Blue light blocking glasses can help filter out this harmful light, reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep. They are available in various styles and can be worn throughout the day.

Advocate for a Lighting Audit
If the issue of bright lights persists, suggest conducting a lighting audit to assess the office’s lighting conditions. A professional auditor can make recommendations for improvements, such as installing light diffusers, retrofitting existing fixtures, or redesigning the office layout for better light distribution.

Encourage a Wellness-Focused Office Culture
A healthy office environment should prioritize employee well-being. Encourage your employer to implement policies that promote wellness, such as providing access to sit-stand desks, incorporating biophilic design elements, and offering flexible work arrangements.

Dealing with excessively bright office lights can be a real headache, but there are several steps you can take to mitigate the issue. By making small adjustments to your workspace, investing in task lighting, and advocating for improvements in your office’s lighting design, you can create a more comfortable and productive environment for yourself and your colleagues. Remember, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being at work, so don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with your employer.

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