Facebook launches Facebook Shops to facilitate users to shop

facebook shops

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced on Tuesday the launch of a new product, Facebook Shops, which will make it easier for the company to list its products on Facebook and Instagram.

The company announced that Facebook Shops is free, and it will allow businesses to set up product listings on their Facebook Page, Instagram profile, stories, or advertisements. In the future, the Facebook store will also allow businesses to sell products to customers through the chat functions of WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct. They can also tag products and go to the product order page during live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram.

The company previously allowed businesses to list products on Facebook and Instagram, but Facebook Shops allowed them to upload the entire product catalog at one time so that they could be accessed in various applications on Facebook.

Zuckerberg said in a Facebook live broadcast: “This is a simple and consistent experience in a series of applications, which means it is easier for people.” “This of course means that small businesses will have a higher Conversion rate and more sales. ”

Facebook Shops appeared because Facebook increased its support for small businesses during the outbreak, and Zuckerberg said that he personally participated in the development of this feature. Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that small businesses accounted for the vast majority of Facebook ’s more than 8 million advertisers. Even if Shops is free, it will encourage small businesses to actively participate in the platform. Since the pandemic began, the company announced a $ 100 million plan to support small businesses with grants and provide small businesses with a way to sell gift cards directly to consumers through Facebook.

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