30cm Small Stick On Led Lights Closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp

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This small stick on led lights is widely used in wardrobes, washroom, Kitchen, car-trunk, corridor, closet and bedside.
  • Brand: AUCCE
  • Manufacturer: OPPNO Lighting
  • Size: 300*32*9mm
  • CCT: 2500-6500k
  • Voltage: DC 5v
  • CRI > 80
  • Wattage: 1W
  • Lumens: 90lm
  • Certificate: CE/RoHS/UL/FCC
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Small Stick On Led Lights Describe

Small Stick On Led Lights
USB charge

Switch lights Features:

Slim Light Body

This small stick on led lights is less than 10mm thickness, slimness contour design, beauty in appearance, new popular trends indoor lighting, kitchen, cabinet lighting.


1. Select high quality 6063 aluminum alloy profile, anodized on surface, good performance on anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion;

2. Translucent PC diffuser, filter out glare, makes the light softer and uniform, no glaring, no dazzling;

3. Using high quality 4014SMD, adopt with Zener stabilizer tube to make sure the long lifetime.

Motion Activated Indoor Using Cordless Light

Adopting with motion sensor and photosensitive sensor working in sync to realize automatically ON/OFF control, more intelligent and humane. Widely sensing detecting distance up to 3-5m,120°wide induction angle, make the induction more sensitive with no delay.

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

Rechargeable motion sensing wardrobe closet dimming stick on led lights, fast charging type-C port, more environmental and energy-saving, on auto mode, charging 1 time can constantly use more than 90days constantly working under motion mode.

Magnetic Adsorption

Built-in magnet, combined with powerful 3M adhesive tape which can be stuck and pasted in Kitchen scenes, such as cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, hallways, stairs, bathrooms, living room, corridor, bedsides; the design of magnetic base can be directly adsorbed on the metal iron surface; the light bar can be easily removed, And the compact size for easy to carry.No wiring, no tooling needs, make the installation with no trouble.

How to it works?

The small stick on led lights for Wardrobe Stairs Cupboard Counter Pantry can be sticked on Anywhere.

Built-in motion sensor and light sensor working in sync.

1. Doorways, corridors, stairs, lofts, darkrooms, basements, garages, cellars, caves, wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards, bookcases, hotel wardrobes, safes, tents, car luggage compartments, rear compartments.

2. USB charging is convenient, fast and safe.

3. The optimized inductive control design enables that the lights are on, when people come; and when people leave, the lights will automatically turn on/off.

4. Mini LED lights, super bright cabinet lights, humanized motion sensing.

5. The components are made of high quality and high precision materials. The induction is stable and reliable.

6. Light sensor, smartly capture the brightness.

7. motion sensor, intelligently detects the movements.

When human walks into effective sensing scope(3m/120degree), human movements be detected, automatically light on, no movement be detected, automatically turn off with 20s delay.

8. Effective sensing scope is 3-5m, 120 degree

small stick on led lights closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp small stick on led lights closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp small stick on led lights closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp small stick on led lights closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp small stick on led lights closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp

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  1. I love theses lights. i have several. some in the house, some in my camper. I even have one in my beat up truck as a dome light.

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An LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor device that emits light when electricity passes through it. LEDs are commonly used in many household appliances, traffic signals, and even flashlights.

Incandescent bulbs have been around since the early 1900’s. However, their efficiency was only about 20%, meaning that 80% of the power was wasted as heat. In comparison, LED lights are much more efficient. A typical LED bulb uses less than 10 watts of power, while incandescent bulbs use 100 watts or more.

The basic principle behind how an LED works is simple. An electric current flows through a wire filament inside the bulb. When electrons hit the filament, they release photons of light. By changing the color of the light emitted, different colors can be produced.

What are some advantages of using LED lights?

There are several reasons why people choose to use LED lights over traditional incandescent bulbs. First, they last longer. Incandescent bulbs burn out after approximately 1,000 hours, whereas LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours. Second, they consume less energy. Traditional bulbs require 100 watts of power, while LED bulbs need only 10 watts. Third, they cost less. Because they don’t use nearly as much energy, LED bulbs cost significantly less than traditional bulbs. Fourth, they’re safer. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs cannot explode or catch fire. Finally, they emit less heat. Because they generate less heat, LED bulbs won’t get hot enough to cause burns if touched.

Where can I buy LED lights?

You can find LED lights at any lighting store. If you want to purchase online, OPPNO Lighting will be your best choice. You’ll want to look for ones that are rated at least CRI 95. These ratings indicate how well the light produces white light. If the rating is lower, then the light may not produce the right amount of blue light.

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Paypal | Credit Card | Bank Transfer | Western Union.
We will send out your led lights within 6 days after you arrange the payment.
Free Shipping, Ship by DHL/UPS/FedEx.

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  1. I love the design and the look once it is installed. It is heavy and made of solid materials. I purchased two lights about a month apart after liking the first one so much. They are all very perfect.

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  2. I compared these lights to another brand that offered more flexibility, in terms of angle adjustability and color temperature adjustability. Pricing is similar to competing products. The color temp of these bulbs is simply perfect, right out of the box: warm and natural looking. The dimmer action is completely smooth with no flicker. I, with the help of a qualified electrician, installed several of these dimmable LED lights around our living room, focusing on the various wall art pieces. I set them up with a smart dimmer switch and the brightness adjusts down to a dimmer setting at sundown. They have completely transformed our conversation room for the better. Do not underestimate the power and impact of good lighting! Important point: make sure to demo the position of your lights and mark the ceiling at the installation point before you start making holes. Our electrician temporarily wired one of the lamps to an extension cord he cut open and temporarily attached to a light, so that we could find the right position when the light was turned on. Worth the effort–we are very happy!

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  3. Solid unit. Great build quality and carrying case is a bonus. Folds up to not much bigger than a small camping table. A little bulky, but not an issue once setup. Got about 130 W laying flat in direct sunlight and broached 200 W in its stand pointed at the sun. Paired with EcoFlow Pro, portable power won’t be an issue. Might pick up another just to have if we get a bigger power station. 

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  4. OPPNO has alwqays had great products and they work well and are dependable. I didn’t realize I could throw a quick charge on my phone or flashlight just from the USB receptacle on the panel. That’s a nice touch and with a 5 way extension when my oppno battery was full and the sun was out I could charge any of my USB things..

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  5. Purchased this light weight power station for my mother for Christmas. We live in Florida and certain times of the year it’s not uncommon to lose power due to bad weather. She needed something light to charge her cell phone, tablet and lamp as needed. Have a flashlight and low led light is a plus.

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30cm Small Stick On Led Lights Closed Stick On Anywhere Lamp
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